Major Update

August 9, 2020, by Admin

Hello, users i apologize for the downtime we had some issues in the background, which leads me to my next news BitcoinVigil will be shuting down in around 30 days due to issues with abusers and income. It is not profitble for us to keep running the site, so we are giving everyone 30 days to finish out their balances we will also be shutting down most of the earning services excluding offerwalls. Again i apologize for the inconvenience if you have any questions feel free to contact support @

Withdrawal Update

June 30, 2020, by Admin

Hello all, we have increased the withdrawal limit to decrease spam and for security issues from 10 to 100 satoshi withdrawals are still automatic we apologize for the inconvenience automatic withdrawal limit has also increased.

Update Faucet

June 29, 2020, by Admin

We have update some issues and changed the faucet timer to go from 60 mins to 5 mins so go and claim all you can.


June 21, 2020, by Admin

Hello all this i am currently looking to sell the website if you are interested email support with the subject Buyer @ i will then contact you later. As for the site nothing is changing we will continue to opperate normally up till the site is sold so theres no need to worry about your accounts.

Quick Update

June 9, 2020, by Admin

Fixed some issues. Added the rev share system  Revenue share system added 10000 sat per share at a 3% return every 40 days.