Banned accounts

May 17, 2020, by Admin

We have just banned over 30 accounts due to multiple accounts on ip or vpn/proxy usage, if this is one of your accounts and feel this wrong feel free to contact our support with proof and they will unban your account. Do keep in mind we only allow one account per ip and vpn are not allowed and break the TOS.

Advertising Update

April 28, 2020, by Admin

We have just updated our advertising prices to be more competitive with other sites, our surf prices were lowered the most you can now advertise for a low price of 4 satoshi for 1000 clicks 10 sec, and as we said in our last update you can email support after creating an ad to pay with faucetpay, while we finish integrating faucetpay with our payment system.

Advertising Update

April 16, 2020, by Admin

Hello all we have lowered our advertising prices down and soon we will take payments through faucetpay in the meantime if you would like to advertise and pay through faucet pay create an ad then email support and they will help you.


April 6, 2020, by Admin

We have updated the site we apologize for the downtime but we now have another offerwall JungleSurveys a quick way to earn good luck all.

New Referral Contest

March 31, 2020, by Admin

We will be doing a big referal contest during all of april 30 days to be exact it will have big payments so get your referrals ready then. We will also try to do referral contest from then on every month though at a lower payout than this one.