New Offerwall

March 30, 2020, by Admin

We have just added a new offerwall wannads good luck earning all, also we have been having some chargebacks if this keeps up we will have to lower the hold ammount for a while.

Referral Page Now Active

March 22, 2020, by Admin

We have updated the site and now the referral page is active good luck all.


March 17, 2020, by Admin

A new lottery round has started there is currently and issue where the winners are not show but they are as follows.   1st srtghd54532 2nd nazershaikh 3rd was originally banned before the drawing so it was rerolled. 3rd nava9954


March 13, 2020, by Admin

Hello all, we have just added offerwalls currently we only have one but will be adding more soon. You can also now withdraw directly to your wallet when you hit 30,000 satoshi. Lastly we are currently working on fixing the referral contest page but rest assured if you refer you are entered in the contest. Thats its for now good luck earning.   Admin


June 28, 2018, by Admin

Hello all, i am happy to announce that BitcoinVigil has updated. Welcome to the new and fully updated BitcoinVigil! Kind regards, Admin